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A sock done...sort of

I finished the first of my current pair of socks, up to the point of Kitchenering the toe, but not weaving in the ends. I'm knitting these using KnitPicks' Parade yarn. I have seen various comments about this yarn being on the short side. I'm also doing a sock with a twin rib pattern, which tends to use a bit more yarn than stockinette. So I think I subconsciously started the toe one or two rows too early. I have enough yarn left that I should be able to add one more row to the foot and also add a row in the middle of the toe. This should make the sock fit better on my left foot. (It is just a smidge too short, but wearable.) The sock fits fine on the right foot (my feet are a full half size different), but I would like my socks to be interchangeable. So after I get home tonight, I'm going to un-Kitchener & frog the toe and redo it.

Parade is a self-striping yarn, and I think that it is making these socks go by faster than the first pair I did, even though I'm using more stitches on smaller needles. The first pair were done in worsted weight weight and in a solid color. I often got to the point where I felt I was making no progress. The color changes with the self-striping yarn give me a visible sense of progress (also the horrible "I really should get to bed. No, no. Just one more stripe." cycle).

Sorry for the lack of a picture, but I've misplaced my camera. I'll look for that after I get home as well.
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