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Gearing up for the month ahead

Busy, busy, busy month!

2-6: Vacation! Vacation!
11: Game night - was supposed to be on the 4th, but F was nice enough to move it for me.
19: F's daughter, L turns 2! How'd she get that old? Final exam for class is also due.
24: Graduation! Still don't know if I'm going.
25: Final project due for class.

February was a pretty good month for me. Normally, February is a hard month as I am still recovering from holiday bills. (And speaking of holidays - I really ought to box up the rest of my Christmas stuff and get rid of the pile in my living room. That's the problem with putting stuff behind the couch - you never see it.) But I did my taxes early and get refunds (already received even though I did paper returns) and got a work bonus to boot. Now I'm going to wonder where all the money is in March. Standard practice is salary readjustments in the March/April timeframe, but I've heard zero about that - so I'll just have to plan on no raise until I hear otherwise. (My performance review was wonderful, too, so I really want a bit of a raise. Just a tiny one is fine. But acknowledge my contributions!) But with the refinance, one of my bills moved two weeks out, so that will help, too.

At what age do people get their little ducks in a row? My endless fall behind-get caught up cycle makes me feel like a kid (part of that is probably also the student factor), but I would love to go a year without worrying so much about bills! (I know - there are people much worse off than me and I'm related to a few, but I really thought that 27 was around the time things ought to fall into place.) Am I behind the schedule, ahead of it? Thinking about it - part of the issue is that I work mostly with people that have already retired from at least one, if not two careers and are getting pensions and a nice paycheck - so two weeks off to go fishing isn't a big deal for them.
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