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Lost and Wandering
New hobby - spinning 
25th-Feb-2006 09:43 pm
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I didn't get much knitting done at KWA this morning. But, boy, did I have fun!

Christy and her hubby got themselves a lathe for V-day, and Christy made a couple spindles on it. She brought them with her today and showed TOK and I how to use them. That was fun! She also brought her swift and ball winder and I was able to wind all of my hanks into balls. I had several of the ones she had dyed, so they were oohed and aahed over again.

It made me wonder why swifts are so expensive though. There really aren't any moving parts, and for the most part, the parts that are there are pretty simple. I am coming to the conclusion that I definitely want one, though. I also determined that I would like a ball winder. I kind of jury-rigged Christy's ball winder. It has a clamp for a table, and I discovered a wind best in my lap. So I clamped the ball winder to my Knitter's Answer Book, and had a cool little system going.

Remember I told you that the spinning was fun? Well, I stopped by the llama store on my way to my other errands (this is quickly becoming a Saturday ritual!) and picked up a spindle and some roving. This is a couple inches over 3 yards of plied yarn. Even blocked (weighted), it has a definite over-twist, but hey - it's my first yarn!

My first yarn

Apparently, in addition to caffeine, I'm also getting addicted to the fiber arts. My sock got put on hold today, but I was a good girl and did my homework while I was spinning, so it got done early.
26th-Feb-2006 01:12 pm (UTC) - I'm so glad to be an 'enabler'. :)

Spinning is so relaxing for me, personally, that I was glad to be able to share my passion. :)

--christy (the enabler)
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