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And catching up...

There has got to be a way to stay caught up in life. This constant caught up, oops behind, caught up again, whoa - behind again is quite wearying.

Caught up with school work. I noticed that there are actually a significant number of people behind in this class. I'm wondering if this is in part due to the fact that the professor picked up the class a week before it was to start and it was partially planned out, but using an old text. People may be waiting for those of us who are conscientious about our schoolwork to work out the bugs in the class.

Getting caught up with my finances. I got a bonus this week and am spending it partially on a well-deserved vacation (last vacation I really had was in 2001) - going to Disneyland! We leave next Thursday night. Another portion of it went to refinance my HELOC into a 30/15 fixed. Interest is now below what the HELOC was and the payment is stable! Other portions went to fix my car and pay for the certificates and diploma I've earned from school. Work should reimburse me for the certificates and diploma. That reimbursement and the rest of the bonus are going to pay off more debt. So I would say I was pretty responsible with it.

Getting caught up with paperwork. All bills have been paid or scheduled. Submitted paperwork to school to graduate with the first master's and to select my classes for the second master's. Still have a heap of filing to do, but getting there.

Getting caught up with housework. Made major progress on picking up the main area and the kitchen. Have fixed one of the washer hoses. (I'm still struggling getting the second off the washer and faucet.) Screened off the subfloor to keep Boo out of it. Separated laundry, so that I can go at it once the washer hoses are replaced.

Getting caught up with my sock. My socks are fraternal twins. I forgot to center the stitch pattern when I went to do the heel. I didn't notice it until the heel was done, and I'm not ripping out the heel to fix that. I decided to center the stitch pattern as I picked up the gusset and cause the heel to shift off-center. I don't think this will be a bad thing. I noticed with sock #1 that the heel sits slightly off-center anyway when I wear due to the extra curving in of my feet anyway. (My feet have a more kidney bean shape than normal.) I'm not to the foot yet. I hope to finish these before the end of the Olympics, but that means I've got a bit to do this weekend, and this sock's name has been altered from Second Sock to Screwy Sock.

And my fish tank is catching up to carrying capacity. One of the platies (likely Mama Platy, but definitely one of the original three) was found dead in the tank yesterday. But even with its death, I still have nearly twenty fish in the tank - eight of them a half-inch or shorter in length still, three are about an inch long. So i'm anticipating more deaths as those fish grow to adult size (2 inches) and the tank really becomes too small for the billion and a half fish I've got.

Wow, that was a lot of catching up!

Graduation is March 24. I'm still debating on whether or not to go. Thoughts?
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