Brie (brieza) wrote,

Behind again...oops

I had to drop my professor an email last night asking her to give me an extra day on the assignment for yesterday, as there was no way I could sit in front of my computer and compose a coherent response with a migraine going on. So as of the second assignment of the session, I'm behind. Oops.

A little behind on my sock as well. I have a hard time sleeping with migraine, so I attempted 2 rows of my sock (28 stitched in each). 8 mistakes later, I learned my lesson. I'm still on the heel flap with 3 or 4 rows left to go.

Also behind in getting my graduation paperwork in. Have to do that today after work. Tried to do it Friday, but the people who handle admin had left for the day.

Behind in my day count of the week. I greeted my computer this morning (Wednesday) with "Come on computer, you can load. It's Tuesday, after all, not Monday." Oops.

(And, of course, we can't forget the eternally behind on dishes, chores and laundry. But those don't count. :) )
Tags: life

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