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Solved one problem today

Well, I finally figured out why my fish tank keeps overheating. The heater is broken, but rather than not put out any heat, it is not cycling on/off as needed to keep the tank between 78° - 80°. I ended up loosing one of my otocincluses (small algae eaters), my most temperature sensitive fish. Due to the fact that my tank gets a bit of sunlight, I think I'll need to get another, but my tank population is just too much. I have 3 zebra danios (at 2 inches each), another oto, and 6 MM platies. I had only planned to have 3 (that was all I purchased), but the female dropped two batches of fry about four weeks apart. One fry survived from the first batch and is now 1.5 inches, and two fry survived from the second batch and are now an inch long each. The original three are all at least two inches long. Did I mention I only have a ten gallon tank? I can only really accomodate a twenty gallon tank in my place, and hope to get it soon. (When I save up money after getting my kitten and its shots). Till then I'll just try to stay on top of the water quality in the tank. If I get anymore fry, some of the platies will be moving in with another friend of mine who has fish. Right now she has two fish in a 40 gallon tank. (They were in a ten gallon tank, but her four- and six- year old sons climbed the dresser to feed the fish and brought it down. All three fish in it at the time survived the tank shattering and then living in chlorinated tap water for a half day before my friend got her spare tank set up. One of the fish died a few days ago, nearly two and half months after this adventure.)
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