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Happy, happy day!

Things are going well today and making me so happy as I recover from the stress of finishing my previous class.

  • State tax refund was deposited yesterday.
  • Found out that I can refi my HELOC into a standard mortgage, and have an affordable fixed payment instead of unpredictably, possibly too expensive house payments.
  • My Olympic sock is doing quite well - only 2 more inches before I switch back to purple and do the toe.
  • My cube is warmer than usual, so I'm not freezing. (I'm not going to think about the snow from last night/this morning.
  • Vacation time off was approved.
  • Vacation was booked.
  • I'm currently caught up in this class. (Granted today is only DAY 2.)
  • This class is the last one that I need for this degree, so by the end of March, I'll be starting my second master's.
  • Dinner with Sa and the boys tonight.

Some of that might be small stuff, but my belief is don't sweat the small stuff, but acknowledge it when it makes you happy.
Tags: knitting, life, school

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