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Whee! And since when am I a coffee fiend?

It's just after midnight. Paper is in, and I'm pretty proud of it. Exam is in, and I don't know how I did. Okay, I think. I took today off to finish everything and I'm glad I did. I was able to get to sleep at a decent time last night which helped me have a clearer head today.

And oddly enough, my sock is coming along quite well - especially since I told myself I had to put it down while completing this class. I had been working on it while reading my research for my paper. Two more rows and I'll be done with the gusset and working on the foot. (And I've discovered that my camera takes more accurately colored pictures when I have both white and black items in the same picture.)

Boo and Sock

I hadn't realized before, but I think I have an addiction to caffeine. I used to have a bar of chocolate a day. Even when I lost 60 pounds a couple years ago, I still had the bar of chocolate everyday, as I would get migraines when I didn't. However, the price of chocolate has been increasing and it's getting harder and harder to justify it. I haven't had chocolate in about a week now and haven't had any headaches. I was curious about that, but then I realized that I've been drinking a bunch of coffee. Coffee is definitely an acquired taste for me, as I used to hate it. Then I would drink super-sweetened iced mochas. I'm at the point now where I'll put in a bit of nondairy creamer (about 2 tsp per 14 oz mug, which is about half the serving size or less) and enjoy it. I'm not sure whether to thank KWA or blame them. Coffee is a little healthier than chocolate, but I'm turning into my mom! (Not that she's a bad person, but I once swore that I would never drink coffee on a regular basis. Oops.)

Though I'm fairly certain most people won't be able to stand the way I drink coffee - the coffee has to be warm enough to dissolve the creamer, but I really prefer my coffee room temperature. For some reason, anything I drink has to be room temperature. I can't stand hot tea, hot chocolate, cold milk, or cold water. Water is fine out of the tap, milk is fine after sitting out 15 or so minutes and coffee is good at room temperature. (Hot chocolate is disgusting at room temperature though - far too sweet.)
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