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Another postcard!

I got thehula's wormherder postcard. It's a cool picture, but not quite the conversation starter that the diver was. nuts_mom totally agrees that the picture on the diver postcard looks like it is of a dead guy and that it was a very cool postcard to receive.

Thanks, Breana! You made my day again, and we'll totally have to meet up when you settle in.

And in other news, the two or three fry that I had found are actually four. And I've noticed that as more fish keep getting added, I haven't increased how much I was feeding them. The danios were hunting all over the gravel recently for food, something they don't normally do, which I why I even thought of it. I'm still trying to figure out if I should rectify that. I've got to clean the tank again, since there are so many fish there now. Doesn't the tank have a carrying capacity?

nuts_mom are you sure you have lost a fish recently?
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