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A couple more points about Oliver

I mentioned before that his legs are short. They appear even shorter now that they are stuffed. While I know bears come in all proportions, he really looks like he was chopped off at the knee. His arms are longer than his legs and he has tiny feet. I double and triple checked the pattern when I made him. If or when I make Oliver II, I will probably substitute a legs pattern. The pattern for George's legs would work pretty well for Oliver, though it would give him about the longest reasonable legs that I would want. George's base pattern is slightly larger than Oliver's, so scaling George's legs would create a fairly lanky Oliver. The other option would be to simply come up with my own. The legs aren't really that complicated - they look like 2 "L"s stuck back-to-back with some shaping for the thigh, ankle and top of the foot. I should be able to create a longer leg, with larger foot pretty easy. But that will all have to wait, as there are still a lot of other patterns in the book that I want to try before repeating one of them. On the plate already: Sleeping Sam, Catherine*, and Robert.

The other point about Oliver, and actually the book (The Knitted Teddy Bear, Sandra Polley) itself. Polley says to use the same size needle for bear itself and its clothing. After having to redo George's sweater and taking a look at how I stuff toys, I've decided that it is probably best to go up a single needle size in making the clothes. This gives a bit more leeway on stuffing the bear and allows for a plumper bear. I automatically did Oliver's jacket in a needle size up and am glad I did. It's a perfect fit now, but wouldn't have fit done in the same size as Oliver. This could be a very interesting conundrum when I do Catherine - her dress is made of fingering weight yarn while the bear, herself, is made of dk/worsted weight yarn. All the bears until now how used the same weight for both bear and clothing. (I think there is another pattern in the book with differing weights for bear and clothes as well.) I think I'll have to look at the construction of her dress when I do it and just do the top, try it on and modify from there if needed. Catherine is a pretty large bear (and the largest in the book), so I would hate to have to redo the dress completely, a la George, if it doesn't fit. (I believe Polley used dk weight yarn, but it is much easier for me to find worsted, so I need to see if she mentions any needle size differences based on that difference.)

* My mother who never wants anything for Christmas or her birthday has been lusting after Catherine and the dress is a big part of that. So I will make her Catherine for her birthday or Christmas. I want to make all the bears in the book, so it really is just scheduling the bear, rather than doing it and not wanting to. I did tell my mom that she would get it when I got to it and that it wouldn't be near term. At least I found something she likes to give to her. :)
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