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Lost and Wandering
Oliver's progress 
7th-Feb-2006 12:45 am
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While I was waiting for class stuff to download and print earlier, I worked some more on Oliver and actually have a picture to show of him!

Oliver (almost done) and George

Oliver is at the prep-stuffed stage. All of his parts are stuffed approximately how I want them, so I can see how they go together. His arms and legs are nearly ready to go. Once I figure out his eye and ear placement, I will secure his eyes and finish stuffing his head and body (and attach them together). Right now without his face embroidered or his ears secured, he looks quite mouse-like. His jacket does close, but I haven’t put the fasteners on it yet and it fit the first time around!

I’m pretty proud of my seaming job so far on him. I used a simple worsted weight yarn to seam with that is a bit lighter than the bear and a bit lighter than the jacket. And, for the most part you can’t tell! In fact, the jacket is nearly reversible. (There are four stitches on one side of the jacket that are visible on the wrong side, but other than that, I love my seaming job.)

It’s pretty hard to tell from the picture, but Oliver is stockinette stitch throughout, with the exception of the soles of his feet (reverse stockinette) and his ears and jacket (garter stitch). The soles of his feet were the only part where I felt the garter stitch side looked better than the stockinette side, so it looks like he’s wearing tennis shoes or something.

Oliver: Body - Lionbrand Homespun in Rococo, seamed in generic off-white worsted; Jacket - Lionbrand Homespun in Cobalt, seamed in Caron Simply Soft Brights in Berry Blue.
7th-Feb-2006 10:26 pm (UTC) - Better Picture!
Now that I can see Oliver without all the red, he is cute! He still needs a nose! :) I just have one question... When do I get my teddy bear? Or are you waiting to get your scarf!!!!
7th-Feb-2006 10:32 pm (UTC) - Re: Better Picture!
You have the yarn for my scarf :) My queue is quite full ... socks, L's sweater, mom's bear, your bear and whatever hops in in the middle. :)

His eyes and ears need to be finalized before I can give the poor guy his nose.
7th-Feb-2006 10:43 pm (UTC) - Re: Better Picture!
How can he stop to smell the roses if he doesn't have a nose?
7th-Feb-2006 10:48 pm (UTC) - Re: Better Picture!
Well, if he stopped to smell the roses right now, his head would topple right off. :)
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