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7 days and counting

This class ends in 7 days. Before then I have to finish 2 10-question true/false quizzes, 5 discussion questions, the final exam which was just posted (4 half-page essays and 2 two-page essays) and a 20 page white paper. I swear I've done more work in this class than any other I've been in.

There is also a major deliverable in 7 days at work which is going to be driving me hard.

I've made some nice progress on Oliver. I only have one leg left (and legs are the worst - difficult to sew up neatly due to their shaping. The only thing that comes close is the head, but there is only one of the head, but legs need to match the best that they can) to sew up before I start stuffing Oliver and doing the final assembly. I'll probably take a little time to finish him during the Knitting Olympics as he's so close to done.

I'll probably not be around this week. If you don't hear from me next Tuesday assume that school (and work) buried me alive. My getting to go to KWA this weekend is completely dependent on how much progress I make after work each day on my school work. But I'm going to have to assume I don't get to go this week. :(
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