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I finally took the computer that died back in November to the shop today. The service guy remembers me. He plugged the system in and it did more than it did when I tried...the fan spun very weakly today. He changed out the power supply and that didn't fix the issue. So, currently not sure what the issue is. We are hoping it is not the motherboard, again.

My answering machine is just possessed. It worked fine for a month, then started having a very hard on the ears, high pitched frequency that ran while someone was trying to leave message. Today it cleared itself out - no messages, no greeting, but the memory is full. What gives? Surely someone other than me still uses an answering machine (they are far cheaper than having voicemail). Does anyone know of any decent answering machines?

I had my weekly dinner out and the ketchup exploded all over me. Yuck. Normally I can get the lid off. This one came right off as I was picking up the ketchup and shot up and hit me in the head. I wasn't the only head injury tonight. T's bus got in to an accident on the way home from school and he hit his head. Sa is still trying to decide if he needs to go to the ER.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.
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