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A mini sock!

I had a blast at the SS exchange yesterday. The last time that I saw any of these people (with the exception of Jv) was in September at the wedding of the couples in the group. Everyone seems to be doing fairly well and we're all coming off a very full 2005. We all had extremely significant changes/milestones in our lives in the past year. While we are all changing, we still work well as a group. There were tentative plans to get together near the end of February. I hope they work out.

I've known Sa full a year and a day now. The difference and impact she's had on my life has been huge. I've come to get along with kids a lot better due to her, and I've found probably the deepest friendship of my life in her. Her encouragement and friendship have helped me open up more and learn how to make friends.

When we had our Learn to Cable day at knit group, I won a copy of Sensational Knitted Socks. I've been working on the Class Sock in the book, in preparation for doing a pair of worsted weight house socks. (I hope to do one during the Knitting Olympics.)

My progress so far:
Class Sock

I'm in the gusset section, almost to the foot. My major error here was not realizing that slipping with yarn in back is not the same thing as slipping as if to knit. So my stitches on the heel flap are twisted. I don't think it looks bad, it just is not what the directions said to do. On the whole, I'm finding this much easier than the Mini-mini Danica. The biggest problem is that there is not as much room to maneuver due to all the needle ends, (I'm using 5 DPNs.), but I well on my way to conquering that. My thanks again to Christy for showing me how to pickup stitches. It is much easier to do when you are doing it correctly. My previous experiences with DPNs were making a glasses case and doing the neck ribbing on George's sweater. I ended up making the glasses case inside out, and I've figured out since then how to hold my needles so that I knit stuff right side out.
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