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The proof is in the pictures

I thought I would show the progress of my recent knitting.

First up is Oliver. I have his entire body knit and a quarter of his vest. Here we have his body. It's almost time to sew him up and stuff him. There are a couple more parts here than there were for George. It's a good thing that I don't really mind finishing. :) (I've also come to the conclusion that Oliver has short legs. They are just about the same height or a wee bit shorter than George's (and I think we've already established that Oliver is the bigger guy).

All parts for Oliver

I had a couple helpers in my construction of the green fish. As you can see, Boo was far more intrusive.

Spook helping with sewing

Boo helping with sewing

Next, the green fish's progress:

Green fish progress

Clockwise from top: The knitted pieces, my nice ladder seam job, measuring the pellet pouch against the knit piece, and the stuffed pellet pouch.

And finally, the tortoise. Growing slowly but steadily, the Irish Hiking Scarf variant:

IHS scarf progress
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