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Renaissance Festival

My friends dragged (well, okay, I was willing participant) to the Colorado Ren Fair closing weekend today. I had a good time: spent more than humanly possible on food and drink and on crafts. (Larkspur is only place I swear where EVERY direction is uphill. Staying hydrated is super important since if I get dehydrated, my knee will hurt worse than usual.)

I got my funnel cake for the year. They are so hard to find anymore.

I bought a bamboo flute from these people: Sound Creations. I'm picking it really quick, probably because a long time ago I used to play flute. It sounds beautiful.

I got a nice statue of a wizard, dragon and owl. The whole thing has a fairly greyish cast to it, but wizard is tinted blue, the dragon green and owl brown. It is from D.E.L. Silver and Stone.

I got another switchplate cover and a couple pendants from these people: Fellowship Foundry. I have to keep telling myself that the Wind Dragon is TOO expensive and I have bills to pay, because I just love it.

The other place I dropped a lot of money was at Thompson Fine Arts. Don's adult coloring book is a masterpiece even uncolored.

My friend has a severely damaged nerve in her ankle that has caused her to recieve a handicap parking permit. This is the only the third day in 8 months that she used it and boy was I glad. I have a very bad knee and by the end of the day was having problem bending it. I came home and soaked it for a while. Walking will not be fun.
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