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Happy Friday the 13th.

The only schoolwork remaining this week is to take the quiz. That's slated for tonight.

Green fish is coming along nicely. I've decided to stuff it with a combination of pellets and stuffing. I made a pouch for the stuffing/pellets (I actually used my sewing machine again). It's a wee bit small in the head, so I'll put some stuffing on the outside of the pouch. It may show through slightly. I'll do a temporary seam first and if it looks unsightly, I'll probably redo the pellet pouch.

My ladder stitch is looking so much better. The starting end of the seam looks wonky, but the rest of it looks really good. Not sure why it took me so long to figure it out. It's an easy stitch to do.

Oliver now has half an arm. Yes, I stopped midstream, but it was in a very logical place and I wrote a note in the book mentioning where I was.

Dinner last night was Village Inn, normally great service. Last night, our waitress (R) was ick. She got us our drinks late. Our straws 13 minutes later. Never checked on us. Another waitress (J) that was there very kindly got us drink refills and got our waitress for us when we asked. The kitchen had problems with pancakes (how do you screw up pancakes?), so it took a while for our food to get to us. The manager and waitress J recognized the problem and took off enough food items for our dinner to be 50% off, without us mentioning anything. We tipped waitress J. I can't remember what we left for our actual waitress.

All in all, even with eating out last night with Sa, it was a very productive night.
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