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School assignments this week:
  • 3 mini-essays
  • for each mini-essay topic, respond to two other students (6 responses total)
  • quiz (10 questions T/F)

Due date: Saturday

Progress 1:
I find that the mini-essays are the hardest and I don't like to respond to the other students until I know what I'm talking about. I finally got my mini-essays done and one of the responses. I figure that gives me tomorrow to finish the responses and study for the quiz. If I take the quiz on Friday, then after taking my cat to the vet Saturday morning, I spend as much time as I want at knit group without feeling guilty! (It is hard for me to spend as much time as I want with KWA when school is in session, which is terrible, as it is such a wonderful stress outlet.)

Progress 2:
Boo is improving. She's still hyper, but the meds helped (and she's done with them, yeah!) and the area around her sutures isn't swollen to the size of large marble any more.

Progress 3:
I've finished the second side of the green fish. Oliver is on hold until I have a night without homework, as he requires more concentration than the fish and I prefer to be able 'a part' in it's entirety in a sitting (i.e., finish an arm or piece leg in one session). I'm still fairly new to knitting, that putting down one of those pieces midstream for more than day will guarantee that it'll have to be frogged in its entirety, as I inevitably screw up in the oddest ways imaginable.

Last Sunday, some girls from knit group and I went to see Brokeback Mountain. It was really good.

Heath Ledger was great in this movie. He did a wonderful job portraying 20 years in the life of his character. (His makeup artist probably also deserves some credit, as there was subtle aging going on throughout the film.) As one of the KWAers said, you forgot it was Heath Ledger. Ledger plays a taciturn character, and so says more with body language than dialogue and does a great job with it. His limited lines has some great one-liners, though Jake Gyllenhaal's character Jack had the best lines. The final conversation between Jack and Ennis was the most moving conversation of the entire movie, while at the same time having the best line of the movie (the description of the dead-end situation).

The scenery and settings of the film were well chosen and portrayed such a bleakness that lent a realism to the film. They also echo the life of Ennis. It truly saddened me that he started out life without much, but he ended the movie with so much left. The movie showed Ennis' decline through the years and it was heartbreaking.

Ennis's relationship with his daughter, Junior, also moved me. The breakup of Ennis and Alma (and I swear, I heard 'Elma' all through the movie) over having more and support children struck a chord with me as I know more than one marriage breaking up over that issue.

The chain-smoking! Wow, there couldn't have been more than 15 minutes where there wasn't smoking. I'm surprised I haven't heard more about that (there is so much emphasis on non-smoking these days). But it fit with the movie. The smoking hit me more in the face than any other aspect.

In short, I'd love to see the movie again, I just don't know when I'll have the time or money.

Interesting: LJ doesn't recognize the word "dialogue?" It's in my dictionary.
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