December 31st, 2006

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Happy New Year!

Winter got a bath for the new year. He managed to soak me and leave the floors, counters, and bath mats dry. Quite talented. But he's so very soft right now and quite pretty. I'm freakishly proud of myself for managing it. Somehow, I have no problem giving my cats a bath, but Winter was more challenging.

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This was certainly a busy year for me. Highlights:
- Got M.S. Software Engineering
- Transferred jobs
- Got M.S. Computer Engineering
- Got Winter
- Replaced my deck
- Improved my knitting skills quite a bit (made quite a collection of stuffed animals, most proud of the mini chicken family and the turtle).

There were a couple lowlights (job issue, personal issues).

But all in all it was a good year for me. This year did see one of the biggest personality changes I've been through. I became much more extroverted that I used to be. I'm still an introvert, but not an extreme one. I think that change is good for me. I'm also a bit more self-confident than I used to be.

Plans for the new year include getting involved in the dog world with Winter, challenging myself with my knitting, keeping up with my family and most importantly, No more grad school!!!.

Last year I made three resolutions:
1. Don't procrastinate on school assignments. Managed. Though, yay don't have to do that anymore!
2. Stay on track with spending plan. Managed almost all the time. Still have some areas to work on.
3. Lose 25 pounds. Lost 8.5. Given that I used to gain 1-5 pounds per month when in school, I'm calling this a success.

So this year's resolutions are:
1. Stay on track with spending plan. In particular Make grocery list and stick to it.
2. Lose 33.5 pounds. (Only part of what I need to lose, but resolutions need to be realistic.)
3. I will come up with a third resolution within the week.