December 3rd, 2006

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Popping back in...

I disappeared for a while, didn't I? November was quite hectic. The quick run down:

  • First and most important: I finished school!. I now have a Masters of Computer Engineering to go with my Masters of Computer Science - Software Engineering. And I did it with straight A's! You really don't have to worry that I'll have too much time on my hands now. Just about everyone is coming up with ways for me to fill my time - but, I've already figured out how to occupy it. :-)

  • I knit a tiny little Odd Fellow:

    odd fellow

    He's from Jess Hutchison's toy book. I'm not sure if it is the size or my knitting, but I decided that I prefer the look of seamed toys. That's likely because my finishing skills are much better than my knitting in the round skills. I'm still at the stage where I use purling to even out my tension.

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  • I've spent a lot of time researching dogs. My graduation/Christmas gift to myself is a puppy. I've wanted one for a long time know. And now that I'm at out of school, I have time to occupy. (See, I told you I figured out what to do about the pesky free time ;-) )

  • I went to a dog show in Pueblo with Anne. I really had a good time there. Initially, my purpose in going was to look at a lot of different breeds, but by the time I got there, I really had made a decision. So, I spent the day with Anne and her friend T learning about Sammies and also how dog shows work. It was quieter than I thought it would be and a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

  • Hosted Thanksgiving again. This year was just my parents, my brother, my niece and me. Nice and small. I put the turkey in the oven and was getting ready to peel potatoes/sweet potatoes when my family showed up with the rest of the food. My mom helped with the rest of the meal and we had a wonderful day. (Except the guys won both games of Pinochle. Normally, my mom and I can get a win in there.)

  • Spent a wonderful day with Anne and Kelly's puppies. Played with each puppy except Yellow - she was shy. I used to have a favorite, but I don't anymore. They were so cute! Several had personalities that really stood out to me.

  • Began work on another stuffed animal. This time, it is the Clownfish from World of Knitted Toys. This book is quickly becoming my favorite. (Yes, yes, I know, I have to get my mom's bear done. I'll get to it...I promise!)


    Clownfish just needs the rest of his fins and a face added and he'll be complete. He was a pretty quick knit. (I've only worked on him at two knit group meetings so far.)

  • Made ornaments for an ornament exchange:

    all ornaments

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    I guess they aren't super Christmasy, but I really liked the papers I used. (The cranes are made out of a painted cloth paper. The paper feels wonderful and the texture is fun, so the price is worth it.)

    It's a safe outlet for my love of Origami. Several years ago, I used to have a few laundry baskets full of origami objects. I've got rid of those, but now I have a stack of origami paper six inches high. I could use a lot of it in modular origami, but that requires making the same thing over and over again a dozen or several dozen times and we all know that my attention span isn't exactly long!
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Gone for a month and then two posts in a day...

Today, as I was walking by the cat cube, I accidentally kicked it. No worries - no one was in it. But at that point, it struck me: I hadn't seen Boo in quite a while. Last I had seen her, she was downstairs under the computer desk. Normally, my cats are on the same floor I am, so I went downstairs to check on her.

She and Spook are playing with a toy, so I go over to check my email. I look over a few minutes later. Boo and Spook are tossing the toy back and forth to each other, catching it midair. It's a new game, and my reaction is "How Cute :-)". This goes on for a few moments and I grab my camera to take a picture.

Then, it strikes me:
1) The toy, which I thought was one of the furry mice toys, is a bit floppy (the toys are plush over a plastic base and have a leather strip for a tail, no legs).
2) The toy is slightly larger than one of the plush toys, but smaller than the carpet/pompom mice (which are stiff as a board).
3) The tail is about twice as long as it should be.
4) It seems to have legs.
5) I know what all of the cat toys look like, and this isn't a cat toy. I wonder what they've got of mine this time.

I put the camera down and approach the cats. Boo drops the toy and looks up at me. The toy wiggles! And scoots!

Spook picks the toy up and tosses it to Boo. I finally realize that the cats have a real, 95%-dead mouse. I let the cats continue their game of catch hoping they'll finish him off while I go get a baggie so as to dispose of the mouse. The mouse is dead when I return a minute later. Yay! (I don't mind mice, but I don't like them in the house. And, I really dislike having to finish killing things that the cats get (bugs, birds (my parents' cat's favorite catch) and now mice) - it's much easier to have the cats do their own dirty work, thank you very much.)

I've lived here TWO YEARS and have never had a mouse in the house before. In fact the only time I've seen a mouse on the property was early in the summer near the back fence when I chased up one up a tree with the lawnmower. It never even struck me that the cats would get a mouse. I don't even know how it got in the house!

But, I guess there are two plus sides to this. First, the cats didn't put it on my pillow. And second, at least one of my cats is a competent mouser.
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