September 14th, 2006

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Yay! I passed!

School last night went much better than I expected. We got our tests back from Monday. While I did get the lowest grade I’ve ever received in grad school, I still got an 86%! (I felt like I got a 75% (In the master’s program, a “C” is failing, but I had a C average as an undergrad, so I tend to stress myself out now worrying about my grades.).) I even got 1/10 on the problem where I answered “I don’t know” because I labeled all the parts of the circuit.

I had a discussion with my professor on Monday about her syllabus. She didn’t put due dates of any sort in the syllabus. Her rational for that is that everything we do in this class builds on the previous assignments, so you should just turn things in as you complete them and everything should be turned in by the last day of class and that way she doesn’t have to enforce due dates. My issue with this is that I don’t know if I’m getting behind. So as a result of this conversation, she created some due date guidelines for this class and the next class. (This class and the following are really two halves of the same course, just with a two week break in between due to the end of the quarter coming up.) I’m more or less on track and I got early warning of a nasty trick. We have an exam on the very first day of the next class, after that two week break! I confirmed with her that the test is a basic repeat of the exam we just took. Apparently, it is to make sure that we are very comfortable with the fundamentals of active devices. I still consider it a nasty trick, though.
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