May 18th, 2006

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Are you sure Mother's day was only 3.5 days ago?

This has been a pretty rough week for me. Luckily, I've managed to have some ups in the middle of the downs. And, knock on wood, it appears to be taking an upward trend.

Layoff notices starting going out last Thursday. I didn't get one on Thursday or Friday and was operating in a state of impending doom all weekend and most of this week, so that intensified the downs for me.

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Lesson Learned: Keep the door closed while cleaning the tub. In a very random mood of whatever, I decided to clean the layer of dust and dirt out of the tub. The cats play in and attempt to bury stuff in there, too. (I think the tub has been used all of once in the past year and that was by a guest.) The cats shredded the interior shower liner and the nonslip mat (and managed to weave about 8 toys into it). So tossed that stuff and then filled the tub up with a couple inches of water. Spook's curiosity got the better of him and after watching me for a few minutes from the rim of the tub, decided to jump into the tub and catch my rag. He realized that there was water in the tub (and he prefers it out the faucet, so he can control how wet he gets). He slips in the process of getting out and gets a bit wetter. But jumps out and onto my lap for petting. I put him down (wet cat in the lap, no thanks!). He hops back up on the rim of the tub and then decided to stalk the rag, again. By the time he got on my lap the second time, he was soaked. I dried him off with a towel and threw him out of the room. My question for Spook, though, is, "Didn't you learn the first time?"

Today is going well, so far. And since I'm not under the feeling of impending doom right now, it's a Happy Day.