May 1st, 2006

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Happy Monday

Had a pretty fun, mellow weekend. Didn't get a lot done, but don't really feel guilty about it either.

Friday was dinner out with Sa and her family. Met her dad for the first time and saw her mom again. We all have weird senses of humor and got along pretty well. My dinner wasn't super healthy. I had an order of steamed broccoli and a mud pie. I think M (Sa's mom) was a wee bit sad that I ate my mud pie so stealthily and quickly - she didn't get a bite. (Everyone at the table likes chocolate and if I didn't eat it stealthily, I might not have gotten any. It wouldn't go far split seven ways.)

Saturday was knit group. The coffee shop we planned to meat at was closed, so we went just up the street to the other one. It's slightly smaller, but the service and food were good and they accommodated us quite nicely. Christy dyed some more of her yarn and we went to town on it. I brought home some lace-weight, sock yarn, and some licorice twist (which I believe to be worsted). I worked on Pokette, the crocheted turtle with the pink shell in the "Slow Pokes" collection. (Though I'm making her in green without the shell embellishment.) My hands needed a break from knitting for a couple days.

We went to the llama store after knit group and I picked up a few things. Most notable were two patterns. One is for felted fish and the other is for a felted star fish and a felted turtle (both are by Fiber Space). (Stuffed animals...what can I say?) Phoebe was teasing me and saying that I ought to drop grad school and sell stuffed animals instead. I'd love to sell my work one day, but I've got to get to the point of designing my own stuff first.

After I got home, slept off a headache.

On Sunday, I wound yarn, read, did some housework and some homework. Winding the yarn took about three hours longer than it should have, as I had an accident with one of the balls of sock yarn involving me, the swift, and two cats. The resultant yarn spaghetti took about 3 hours to untangle, re-skein and then ball. And honestly I didn't mind. Untangling is quite meditative and the only other things I had to do were dishes, laundry and homework. The homework was the only thing that had to get done. And I actually managed to do all of them, so I was happy. Didn't manage any knitting, crocheting or sewing.

Dash is still in pieces. I've only got his ears left to sew. I had sewn one, but I did so inside out, so I had to rip the seams. Thank goodness it was a piece where I was sewing gingham to the plush. The fabric I'm using is plush on both sides (I didn't look close enough at it when I bought it) and I managed to match the thread to the fabric too perfectly. I'm unable to see the thread on the plush fabric. When I sewed the head inside out, I wasn't able to rip the seams, I had to toss the whole thing do the head over. (Having issues with heads right now apparently - Nautie still needs his face, and I also screwed up part of Pokette's head (but fixed it okay).) Dash's head is done and stuffed and is put in a drawer until I'm ready to assemble him, as Boo mistook it for a cat toy and was batting it at my head while I was asleep trying to wake me up so I'd play with her. She was quite upset that I took her new toy away.

Off to figure out why I made a car appointment for a Friday morning, rather than a Friday afternoon or a Saturday morning (i.e., times that I don't have to be at work). All I can say is that it must have been the headache clouding my mind. The appointment is actually early enough that I won't be super late, so I think I'm going to keep it.
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Interview meme

Meme from lls_mutant:

just respond and I'll ask you five questions, which you then answer in your own LJ and repeat the process.

1.) Where's the best place you've ever visited?

I haven't had the chance to travel much, but I am a military brat, so I've lived a lot of places. Okinawa was my favorite place. Now that I'm 14 years away from there, I can see that I would like to visit there rather than live there again. (Although, it has changed greatly from when I was there.) It was an interesting mix of Japan and the US due to the very high concentration of the US military there. The architecture and history were very cool (had lots of field trips to various castle ruins). The culture and food were fun and interesting. And most of all, I loved the ocean. (Worst thing about Colorado - no oceans.)

2.) How long do you think two people should date before getting married?

Long enough to get to know one another and make sure their views and priorities are compatible. Probably about 6 months on average. (I do know of a successful marriage where the couple knew each other less than a month before their wedding. They, however, are a strong exception.)

3.) If you had to choose between auditioning for American Idol or auditioning for Survivor, which would you try out for?

Hmmm, I'm a homebody (i.e., clueless without my comforts) with a voice that sounds like a mouse with a nasal problem and asthma. Better go with Survivor, though. I wouldn't want to be responsible for the deaths of the people who would die laughing if I attempted to sing.

4.) Favorite character in the HP series and why?

I like Snape because he appears to have a very complex character, i.e., he's not as two dimensional as some of the other characters.

McGonagall is a close second, though it's harder to articulate why. She just seems likable.

5.) What is your least favorite fic scenario ever?

Making me think before class? I read just about anything well written, no matter how odd or inane the idea is, because I appreciate good writing and the creativity that goes into stories. (I'm an accomplished technical writer, but fiction is hard for me.) I'm more apt to hit the back button though with the really absurd, out of character fics (Hagrid/Dobby? Ewwww.).
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