March 31st, 2006

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I thought school breaks were supposed to be calm

It's been a busy week for me. We had a demo on Wednesday afternoon at work that took a lot of preparation and rehearsal for, so I worked some long days at the beginning of this week. My half-sister, Le, came to visit our dad this week. She came on Sunday and left today, so the only chance I had to see her was last night. I went up to my parents' for dinner. I've met Le twice before - the first time I was 3 and the second time I was 14. I'm 27, nearly 28 now, so you can see, we don't really know each other. Her daughters are cute, but she has her hands full...there are four of them (ages 13, 10, 7 or 8, and 5). Le and I are both geeks with fairly similar interests, which I found fairly striking. (We both took Russian in high school, both like the same types of video games and have similar interests in RPGs, fiction and movies.) F had dinner with my parents and Le on Wednesday, so that L could come, too. On Thursday, he had a get together with some friends to play Killer Bunnies. I like that game but don't really have anyone to play with. We don't play it at game night, as my mom just can't stand it.

I've been slowly working on my latest sock. The heel is out to get me. I attempted a short-row heel and must have missed something somewhere along the line. I did the heel over half my stitches and the heel was half an inch shorter than I needed. I wonder if you have to make the cuff longer when doing short-row heels? (I'm using KnitPicks' parade yarn for these socks.) So then I switched to a flap heel, but am attempting an eye-of-partridge heel (with Anne's encouragement) instead of the straight slipped stitch heel I used with my Knitting Olympics socks. I seem to be doing fairly well with the pattern. It's more subtle than I would have thought, but I do like the effect more than the first slipped stitch heels (the ribbing look of the slipped stitch heel just looks odd to me). However, about 7 rows down, I somehow purled two rows in a row, didn't notice it and kept going for another five rows - resulting in the top part having the right side face out, and the bottom part having the right side face in. Oops. The odd part about this is that I have to look at my work in order to knit. You would think that I would have noticed that I started working on the wrong side. To make matters worse, I managed to commit the exact same mistake again! (At least I noticed it sooner, however, four rows isn't that much sooner than five rows.)

KWA tomorrow is going to have to be hit and run for me, as my dad is coming down to install my disposal (which I suppose I really ought to buy tonight after work) and F said that he felt like coming down early with L as well. I'm surprised F isn't carpooling with my parents, he normally does (it is 73 miles from parents house and 74 from his (and he has to pass within a block of his house in order to get down here). But luckily, due to distance, early is 10.