February 28th, 2006

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Rough week

The major project that my group was working on was canceled. I didn't have much to do to close down the project yesterday, so I was bored yesterday and today and will likely be so tomorrow and Thursday. And the days were already going to drag as I anticipate vacation. It's going to take a bit to reassign everyone.

I babysat last night and about lost my mind. My nephew wanted to go outside to play, but I wanted him to stack his homework neatly before doing so. (It was spread out over a wide area.) He didn't want to do it and was mad I wouldn't let him outside so he threw a 54 minute crying/screaming fit before finally crying himself to sleep. (And the stress at work yesterday gave me a migraine, which the kiddo knew and he still screamed.) I hate battles of will - but giving in to him would have been worse. He lives with his mother and aunt. His mom is good about not giving into his tantrums, but his aunt is wishy-washy. (His aunt practically is a child herself (at 32)).

I made an attempt to ply my second spinning attempt tonight, but the yarn twisted over itself so badly that I'll need to concentrate to undo to continue plying it. I was pretty careful when I wrapped the third attempt, so it stayed in a nice neat center pull cone when I pulled it off the spindle. I'll do that plying later, too.

Waiting on the dryer to finish or I would take an early night tonight. (But I need clothes for vacation.) 2 days 'til we leave!