February 19th, 2006

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Another session down

I got my grade for the last session. Another A! I'm doing well in grad school...I guess I've grown up to realize that I've got to take responsibility for my schooling. I was far less responsible in undergrad and my GPA reflected that. But I'm still surprised when I get A's.

Second sock is coming along. I have another inch in the leg to go before I get to the heel.

And tomorrow's a holiday, but not one work gives. (Penalty of having 7 days at the end of the year, my first holiday of the year is Memorial Day, which is so far away right now.)
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Sock surgery

Working on my sock while babysitting probably wasn't the wisest choice. I managed to get some of my garter ribbing skewed. I noticed it about 4 rows up. I was able to use a crochet hook to drop stitches and bring them back up. Discovered three things:

  1. The idea is simple.
  2. Doing this with stockinette stitch is a piece of cake.
  3. The extra hand motions required to do this for garter stitch made me want to frog back, even though it would have taken longer to fix it that way.

But, sock surgery was successful and I'm back on my merry way. Four more rows before the heel.