February 13th, 2006

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Challenges, challenges.

My project goal for the knitting Olympics was a single worsted weight sock that would fit me. I’m not sure that was challenging enough. My pattern is clearly written (I’m following the pattern for Four-Stitch Patterns (Garter Rib) in Sensational Knitted Socks) and I understand the concepts after having completed the class sock last month. I’ve even managed to figure out how to do the color changes and have them look nice on the right side. This sock is done top to toe and as of last night I’m several rows into the gusset, putting me at about 45% complete. So I’m going to up my goal and just do that entire pair of socks. That definitely seems manageable, even with a couple days of focusing on school work instead of knitting.

The girls at KWA on Saturday noticed how well the purple yarn I’m using for the cuff, heel and toe matched my shirt and sweater (bought independently a couple years apart). What I noticed when I got home is that it also is the same color as one of the throws on my couch. (Especially fitting as the throw is the one Boo prefers to sleep on, so my purple and white sock matches my white kitty on her blanket.) Apparently, I really like a certain reddish shade of purple.

Homework on the other hand isn’t going quite as well. I’m having a bit of difficulty talking 20 pages on my topic. I chose the topic I knew the most about and the only one in which I really had an opinion. I wouldn’t know which side to argue on the other topics, given they were uninteresting to me. Paper requirements are 9-10 pages single spaced of text (i.e., would normally be 20 pages double spaced) plus at least 3 diagrams or charts (which don’t count toward the page limit). I’ve got 4.5 pages (in Times New Roman, the required font, which is ever so much more compact than the font I used in high school and undergrad) and 5 diagrams. I also have a table (as the paper compares IE and Firefox), but I’m afraid the professor is going to count my table as a chart. Comparisons are best presented in tables, rather than paragraph form and it’s partly why I’m stuck where I’m at. I believe I have more than adequate research to finish this paper, so just have to get unstuck and quickly. I still have the exam to write. Both need to be done midnight tomorrow. All the piddly stuff is complete and turned in though. So at least there is a bright spot somewhere.

The computer doc called and my computer was fixed yesterday. Apparently, they were able to get a motherboard in under a month. I’m impressed. But, I’m going to leave it there until Wednesday, when I have the time to take it home and make sure it actually functions correctly.
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Boo, Blanket and Sock

Here's the progress I've made on my sock. As I mentioned earlier today, the sock matches Boo and her blanket. (Okay, so Boo isn't sleeping here, the DPN she found was much more fun.) So I think I'm doing alright with the Knitting Olympics.

Boo, Blanket and Sock
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