February 3rd, 2006

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Tomorrow is family game night, and I'm going to swing by KWA for a little bit first. This week has been so unproductive with knitting. I've had killer headaches again, so my homework is taking twice as long as it should. I want to finish Oliver in the next week, before the Knitting Olympics, but don't know that it is a realistic goal. I have to finish up this class before the 14th and still have a paper to write and a final exam coming down the pipe, in addition to normal discussions.

In addition to not being home tomorrow, my brother also asked me to spend Sunday with him catching up and playing board games that my parents are not interested in (Railroad something or other). So next week will be a busy one for school work, and Oliver may have to wait before he is all done.

Another note on the Knitting Olympics - has anyone notices that there are now more than 2500 participants? I know several knitters not doing this, so this gives an idea of how large the blogging knitting community is.

Someone is this building decided that she wanted to spray paint something (fairly large, rumor has it that it was a big fake plant). So rather than go outside, she did it in a vacant area of the building right across the hall from me. Her office is up a floor or two. So I've spent the morning being nearly asphyxiated on the way to the rest room or on my way to other meetings! That's created another headache, though the smell has finally dissipated somewhat and I can go down the hall to the restroom without covering my nose and mouth and running as fast as I can. And this is on top of already not feeling well.
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What do I talk about?

I've seen this on a lot of the blogs I've read in the past couple days.

Snap Shirts is making custom t-shirt with word cloud from individual blogs. You can see what your own word cloud would look like here.

Here's mine:

Snap Shirt Word Cloud

I apparently talk about school, work, fish and knitting. Oddly enough the other major component of my life barely made that list, the cats. Spook shows up, but not Wizard, Boo or cats.
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Are you Spook or Spork?

I'm getting quite impressed with Spook's begging prowess. A pick up a plate to take it the kitchen. He begs. I empty the dishwasher and put something away near his food dish. He begs. He has been shut in both the pantry and fridge. I come home and put my lunch dishes in the sink. He begs.

Sa calls him "Dog". I'm beginning to think I only slightly misspelled his name.

Break over. Back to homework.
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