January 31st, 2006

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Paging Brie...Feed Me

Spook's developed this odd habit. He puts one of his puff balls in his food dish when it is somewhere between a third full and empty. I guess he thinks I'll see the ball where it doesn't really belong and come along and fill it up. Or maybe he thinks the ball is a pager? "Brie? Brie! The food bowl's empty and I'm hungry...."
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Project Spectrum

Christy linked to this. I don't want to seem like a copycat, but want to do this. It would be a way to get me doing some of my other crafts/hobbies that I've not been doing as much recently, such as sewing, cross-stitch, LEGO blocks, and origami. So I've signed up for it, and even have an idea for March.

In other news, it is looking like the vacation may actually happen. I'm so ready for a vacation!

The Computer doc did have to order another motherboard for my computer. Apparently the parts warehouse no longer carries that motherboard, so I'll either get an upgraded version or completely different one. Personally, I'm hoping for the completely different one, though with my luck with that computer, it will also be a POS.