January 29th, 2006

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Catching up

Tomorrow's Monday. What a shame, I've been enjoying my half relaxing/half productive weekend.

KWA was a lot of fun yesterday, as usual. We had another new member come. I finished the last piece of Oliver's vest and now have only to sew up Oliver, stuff him, add a face and claws and sew up his vest. In other words the easy part is done. Anne discovered what I was doing wrong with my Kitchener stitch. I did not work my stitch under the needles as I was supposed. I thought I was supposed to work between the front and back needle, and I did not realize that I was sending yarn over the top of the front needle when I purled front, then back. In general my needle movements were correct. And I was right...Kitchener is easy. Anne also brought Queen Kahuna's Crazy Toes and Heels sock book. I was a bit turned off from the garishness of the website, but the book itself, I actually liked. I may have to get that when I have a bit more "fun money". I also need some more money to get more of the Crazy Monkey Creations yarn that Christy hand-dyes. She makes gorgeous yarn.

I'm caught up in my homework!!! Now just to get caught up in my house work. The little fry I found a few days ago haven't been seen in a few days. There are enough places in the tank where they can safely hide. I actually don't see the majority of my fish because of the wonderful hiding places. While the self-populating feature of my tank is amusing at times, there is a small part of me that hopes that the tank's population will regulate and that the little ones became fish food. (Although, I just did find one.) The Thanksgiving fry are already getting pretty big (more than an inch and a half).
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