January 27th, 2006

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Finally the weekend

Work was so hectic today. Major document deliverable at 3 today. And they kept changing pages and pages of source data tables up until 2. I was in a major scramble mode for the last couple hours of the day, inserting data and then deleting it and then rewriting it. All the same data! I wish I had a bit more clout to say, "Sorry, no more changes are going in the document. You want change, wait until the next rev." But, alas, I do not have that power.

Up to my tenth try for Kitchner. The most I've managed to do is get 1-2 stitches out of ten correct (so basically, it looks okay when I've made a mistake). I've exhausted all resources except KWA, so I'll ask them tomorrow.

And the answering machine is working again. Don't know how. The two messages and my greeting were back today after I unplugged it last night and back in after work.