January 21st, 2006

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Happy Saturday

Knit Group was wonderful this morning. We had a very large turnout (10 people). Felicia brought her completed aran shawl. It is gorgeous! The pictures on her blog don't do it justice.

Many thanks to Christy for showing me how to pick up stitches. I was doing it wrong and actually adding an extra row whenever I picked up the stitches. The swatch looks okay even with those extra rows. Anne pointed out that the scarf could be done length-wise to minimize the number ends that would need to be woven in, while still looking the same. MJ and Christy (the ones doing the actual Danica, instead of my mini-version), seemed a bit wary of that approach - a lot of math is necessary to figure out the length. I would not be fond of doing it this way, as I generally need to feel the accomplishment of finishing a row (and since school consumes so much time, I get the feeling this would require me to leave off in the middle of a row). I do have a nice color combo of Simply Soft that might make a nice entrelac scarf, if I decide to make one.

I was having a major case of the dropsies this morning. Kept dropping my needles, my yarn, my stuff in general. I also had major difficulties with the IHS scarf this morning, to the point that I ended up doing a row, frogging four rows, doing one row and putting it away. I switched to Oliver's jacket and actually made progress on that. The only knitting I have left on him is the back of his jacket. I've decided that I don't like working with Homespun. I'm going to give all of my Homespun, with the exception of the skeins used to make Oliver, to KWA next weekend. After Oliver's done, they can have those skeins, too.

My car got done in time for me to make KWA before 9:30 and was only 25$!! And there is nothing new wrong with it. The issues I was having with my car are from a problem that I already knew about and was saving up for. Tonight, I'm getting together with my college friends for our SS exchange. Should be a good time. Off to finish my dessert for that. Happy Saturday!
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