January 16th, 2006

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A knitting weekend

It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend. I didn’t push myself to get my chores done, so while I made some progress on them, not all of them are done. But I needed a relaxing weekend after the hectic last week.

Knit group on Saturday was fun, as always.”

Christy brought her copy of World of Knitted Toys by Kath Dalmeny. I’ve been curious about this book, but unable to find it in stores anywhere. It looks like it is either between printings or special order, so before I went through a lot of trouble to find it, I wanted to make sure I really liked it. Verdict: Yep, I definitely want this book. Christy was also her normally enabling self. She had an entire bag of her hand-dyed yarn. So a couple of skeins came home with me. (She’s also the one who introduced me to the Llama store, (It’s actually called Table Rock Llamas Fiber Art Studio, but that’s a mouthful.) a place I returned to a few times on my own and have dropped a pretty penny there.

Leisel was working on a pretty neat scarf from here. I played around with the pattern on Sunday and managed to miss something. I had a wonderful triangle of seed stitch instead of ribbing. But, two good things came out of it – I think I’ve finally figured out a basis for a project that is due soon, and I’ve finally figured out how to hold the yarn for purling in such a way that I can easily switch between purling and knitting (something that has kept me from doing ribbing or seed stitch).

MJ was working on socks again, Anti was fixing the sleeves on a tank (Tivoli, I think). Christy was working on Coronet, Anne worked on some sleeves for a jacket and then a sock, Brian worked on a crochet afghan (and is either very near finished or completely done) which looks great, and Diane was working on a scarf and then cast on for something else (which I didn’t catch). I worked on my Irish Hiking scarf and then some on Oliver’s arm. So, a lot of variety…I remember my first meeting where it seemed like everyone was working on scarves/shawls.

I’ve finished all the pieces of Oliver’s body and one of the three pieces of his jacket. I like my color combination for him more and more. My hiking scarf is more than 20 inches long at this point. It’ll probably be March by the time I’m done with it, but I’m so glad to make progress on it.

And now, on with work.
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The proof is in the pictures

I thought I would show the progress of my recent knitting.

First up is Oliver. I have his entire body knit and a quarter of his vest. Here we have his body. It's almost time to sew him up and stuff him. There are a couple more parts here than there were for George. It's a good thing that I don't really mind finishing. :) (I've also come to the conclusion that Oliver has short legs. They are just about the same height or a wee bit shorter than George's (and I think we've already established that Oliver is the bigger guy).

All parts for Oliver

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And finally, the tortoise. Growing slowly but steadily, the Irish Hiking Scarf variant:

IHS scarf progress