January 5th, 2006

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Knitting update

I started another bear out of The Knitted Teddy Bear. This time I'm doing Oliver. He's really a yarn experiment. I have quite a bit of Lionbrand Homespun, but have no clue what to do with it. So I decided to try a bear. Oliver is written as a reverse stockinette bear, but I like the knit side of the work much better than the purl side of the work. The yarn variations in homespun make for an interesting fabric, but the purl side seems to have more lumps and bumps. He's knitting up much larger than George. I guess I'll see how he come out. The main part of George was done in 3 parts - body/head A, body/head B, and head gusset. Oliver is done is 5 parts - head A, head B, head gusset, tummy/bottom, and back. I've got both head sides done and the head gusset. I'm about half way through the bottom/tummy. I'll get pictures of this up later tonight.

I actually do plan to go completely through this book. I love and collect stuffed animals and generally don't knit garments (too large a project), so this works great. It's also a neat way to try out different yarns and see how I like working with them, without a large yarn commitment. Most of the bears in the book are written/shown with fingering weight yarn, but I'm using what I have and what strikes my fancy - which for the most part tends to be worsted (yes, I know Homespun isn't). I have yarn to work on Sleepy Sam and Robert already. Both are going to be worsted weight. Sam in Wool of the Andes and Robert in Cascade 220. (I was going to work on Sam after finishing George, Oliver just decided to cut into the queue early.)

Made a little bit of progress on my hiking scarf, but not much.

School starts next week, so I'm not sure how much time I'll have to knit.

Back to work.
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Oliver pictures

I finished up Oliver's front. It's probably the last knitting I'll get in before Sunday at the earliest. Saturday is family game night and I'm hosting, so I've got to get my house cleaned tomorrow night after work and after I go grocery shopping.

I checked the book for the size difference I remembered with Oliver and George. The book gives measurements for both bear in fingering weight yarn. I believe the bears are standing for the measurements as well, as I did George in worsted weight and sitting he is shorter than the book's measure. The book indicates George to be 7 inches tall (mine is 7.5 inches tall (standing)) and Oliver to be 6 inches tall.

George's head is just over 1.75 inches tall. Oliver's is 3.25 inches tall.
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