January 1st, 2006

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George is done!

I've finally finished George. Here he is wearing his sweater (actually, the second sweater I made).

George has rather beefy arms (oops), so the first sweater's sleeves didn't fit over them, so George is now wearing the XL version of his sweater. Next time I make it, I think I'll adjust the length a little if I run into beefy arm issues.

George is the most complex knitting project I've done to date and I'm quite proud of him.

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The teddy bear that Spook drowned in the toilet yesterday has finally dried. The fur ended up fluffing back, however, the stuffing has shifted. Poor Indigo is quite lopsided right now. And according to Sa is now a girl, as the crotch area of the bear split right open. I'm not sure I have that color thread.

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Knit group was fun today...we had most of the regulars. Christy had to work, as did Maus, unfortunately, but it was a wonderful 3 hours. I finished all the pieces of George's sweater there and did the finishing (i.e. seaming, seaming and more seaming and the ribbing) at home.