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Game night and knit fish

Game night was fun, though short. We got in a game of pinochle (guys wons) and a game of Quiddler (I won). We got another half game of pinochle in, but my brother had to leave early, as today he is flying to Boston for training. They didn't even stay for dessert. (Which means I have the majority of a devil's food cake staring at me from my counter. I did have my dessert.)

L is as cute as ever. She was pretty well behaved. A bit whiny, but I'm less likely to be annoyed by it - probably because I was a whiny kid, myself. She actually ate quite a bit of her dinner, we were amazed. Game nights tend to have the adults grazing through most of the day, which means she does, too. She adores bananas, cheese and pretzels. I guess she got three of the food groups in that way. She enjoyed playing outside - no splinters today!

They left at 6:15, so I still had plenty of night left. I found the Tesselating Fish Afghan. I think it looks pretty, but I'm in no way up to making a zillion fish to make an afghan - I'd get bored first. However, I think I could make some neat stuffed toys with that fish pattern. I started the pattern as written, but I think the garter stitch might be a bit too stretchy. So I rewrote the pattern to be reverse stockinette, and so far I like how it is turning out, though I have some ideas for my own fish now. I'll finish both of the fish toys that I started and then probably look at designing my own fish body. I may add some gussets to the reverse stockinette guy to give him some shape. Fish aren't really all that round in the wild, but a narrow gusset on the belly might help him sit unassisted. I'm enjoying this pattern - it works up quite quick and the little fish is quite cute.

And now off to the movies.
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