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Lost and Wandering
That's not a stash, that's a sampler! 
7th-Jan-2006 06:40 pm
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I had to find a place for all my yarn tonight. So I took a picture of my stash. The scary thing isn't its size (after all it really doesn't take that much space to store), rather it is the fact that out of 129 full and partial skeins, 121 of them are unique.

Yarn stash

The most yarn I have of any one color and style, is 3 skeins of Super Saver in Paddy Green. Then there are six duplicates. Good thing I like small projects.

My yarn stash has outgrown the toy box, cooler and current project bin by several skeins. Right now the rest is in the cabinet of my entertainment center - but that is a temporary fix.

And it's so pretty and colorful spread out on my living room floor.
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