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Oliver pictures

I finished up Oliver's front. It's probably the last knitting I'll get in before Sunday at the earliest. Saturday is family game night and I'm hosting, so I've got to get my house cleaned tomorrow night after work and after I go grocery shopping.

I checked the book for the size difference I remembered with Oliver and George. The book gives measurements for both bear in fingering weight yarn. I believe the bears are standing for the measurements as well, as I did George in worsted weight and sitting he is shorter than the book's measure. The book indicates George to be 7 inches tall (mine is 7.5 inches tall (standing)) and Oliver to be 6 inches tall.

George's head is just over 1.75 inches tall. Oliver's is 3.25 inches tall.

Here are the completed pieces of Oliver. I am about half done total with the knitting. I have the back, both arms (each is one piece), both legs (each is one piece), and the soles of the feet left to do. The color didn't really come out well in any of these pictures, but the yarn color is Rococo (but I simply call it beige with white highlights). The green yarn is an indicator of where to put the eyes later. Also, you're not imagining things, I do leave insanely long tails. Polley recommends against sewing with the tails, but from her working, my guess is that she thinks people leave only 5 or 6 inches with which to sew. So she advises that you cut your yarn, weave in the ends and then sew with new yarn. I find that it is less bulky to leave a looooooong tail (like 15 to 20 inches) and simply sew with that. (If there is something I do well, it is seaming together these bears.) However given the texture and fray of this yarn, I think that I will probably weave these ends in and not sew with them, instead I'll use a simple worsted weight yarn in a similar color.


And here is a picture of Oliver's parts with George around for comparison.

pieces and george

This picture shows one of Oliver's head pieces with George as a better size comparison.

george and head piece

Finally, I mentioned earlier that I didn't like the purl side of the work as much as the knit side. The picture below shows a comparison of the two sides. I still feel that the purl side is much lumpier. Though I'm not sure how well the difference photographed.

purl knit
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