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Lost and Wandering
So, what's wrong with Boo? 
4th-Jan-2006 05:32 pm
cat icon
Official diagnosis - she's too hyper and is putting a lot of stress and movement on her sutures causing a reaction to the sutures. So, she's on antibiotics for the next week. The vet also asked if I could confine her? Yeah, right. Confine her? Sure, she'll just rip apart the room trying to get out to see the other cats. She loves being the center attention and hates feeling like she's missing something. I've also been advised to keep her out of the tree. I'm trying with that one. I have a pile or ornaments growing that have been knocked off by the cats. No sense putting them back on, the tree will be taken down soon anyway.

Argh, she just went tearing up the stairs after Spook. And, tearing back down the stairs to see me.
5th-Jan-2006 03:26 pm (UTC)
sorry to comment out of nowhere, I'm on the D&D women listing... I have a cat much like your Boo. Her name is Bitzy and we had to have her front leg removed (she had bone cancer). The first day we had her in a carrier because she was drugged and she was OK with that. The next day we let her out to eat, etc and she tried to attack her daughter. So we put her back in. The next day she cried all day, so we let her out again on the 4th day and she tried to race through the house and tore 3 stitches.

Basically we just had to keep her in a carrier for a week with supervised "out time" where she could eat, go to the litter box and visit calmly with the other cats... then back in the box.

She's fine now, she takes runs faster than she did before and the only thing she can't do is scratch her left ear without falling over and climb trees.

You may have to borrow/buy one of those carrier things. It's hard to confine a cat (they cry) but it would only be for a day or 2 for Boo at this point.
5th-Jan-2006 03:41 pm (UTC)
I don't mind the comment out of nowhere.

I have a carrier and I've noticed her behavior in the carrier. She attacks the carrier, and will not realize she's hurt herself.

I ended up locking up Spook. The biggest problem is the two of them roughhousing.
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