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Lost and Wandering
End of vacation 
2nd-Jan-2006 10:21 pm
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My company shuts down for 7 working days at the end of the year, so basically I have an 11 vacation at the end of the year, every year. I always tell myself that I'll stuff on my vacation and be productive. Am I ever? Nope.

And again, I go back to work tomorrow having accomplished nothing on this vacation except some knitting and a bit of sleeping. My rationale is always that the rest does me good, but then I always feel so guilty that I didn't get more done.

At least school doesn't start up again until the 9th.

My tree is still up. I traditionally leave it up until the weekend after the 6th. (I like my tree to be up for the twelve days of Christmas, but don't have time to take it down until the weekend most of the time.) It might be coming down a week later than normal this year as family game night is the 7th. (At least it will be coming down in January and not March. :) )

We have a high wind warning starting in about 40 minutes, going through the day tomorrow. But, really it has been super windy all day. I still have the memory of the downed fences in my mind. No more wind!
4th-Jan-2006 06:20 am (UTC) - Knitting
is the best way to avoid being productive.

With all the days I had off around the holiday, I had a bunch of stuff planned to do as well.

I got a lot of knitting done.

Now, I have goals and projects to do for the rest of the year!
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