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2005 in review

There are less than 5 hours left in 2005, so I thought I would take a quick look at the year in review.

It seems like the year bad for a lot of people. More people seemed to have a bad year than a good year. The year really flew by for me, but was marked by several major events:

  • Sa moving to Colorado after getting out of the service
  • My brother returning to Colorado from Ohio
  • My brother and his wife splitting (and F leaving my parents' home)
  • Sa's sister Sh going to Germany (which resulting in Sa and I becoming very close friends)
  • Buddy dying
  • Katrina and Rita
  • The adoption of Spook and Boo
  • The first marriage in my group of college friends
  • Picking up knitting and meeting my knit group

I had far more good than bad, but it has definitely been an interesting year.

Going into this year, I really disliked children. Last year, my brother had a daughter and after moving back to Colorado I got a chance to know her. Sa, who I met in January also has two sons (ages 5 and 6). I deal with them on a fairly regular basis. I’m still not all for kids, but can deal with them much better.

My brother and his wife moved back to Colorado from Ohio. Their situation is kind of sad, and I feel for them. They have split, and while it may not be the most polite thing to say, I really think that it is for the better. They only really married because her grandmother wanted them to for the sake of their daughter. They said they might marry, but never got around to things like filing for a license or planning - which tipped me off that they really didn’t want to marry. A’s grandmother bought them tickets to go out to Nevada, took them to get a license, contacted a minister, bought the cake and A’s outfit (which A didn’t really like…she tried to give it to me, but I didn’t like it either), and opened her home for the ceremony and reception. All of the non-relative guests were friends of A’s grandmother.

My family relations seem to have become more complicated this year. My grandmother is regretting earlier actions toward me that caused me to eventually cut off contact with her and ignore her. So at the urging of my mother, I’ve taken baby steps with her. My cousin, who I’ve cut out of my life because I couldn’t understand her choices to sleep around, do drugs, steal and do jail time, has apparently turned around and would like to get to know me. I’m not sure if I want to do that. Instinct tells me that she wants to get to know me so that she can ask for money. Before I do anything, though, I want to make sure that associating with her won’t jeopardize my clearance for work.

Sh and I have grown apart and a big part of it is her sister returning to the States. Sa and I have more in common. Sh really is a 3 year old with a 31 year old’s driver’s license (to quote Sa). She acts so immature, doesn’t pay her bills on time (she is more or less permanently house-sitting her parents’ place, so doesn’t have to pay rent), is behind in school, and is also most likely clinically depressed (but refuses to get help). Things really came to a head when I found out that she refuses to take her dog and cat to get their annual checkups. The dog isn’t registered and didn’t have a rabies shot until Sa took the dog to the vet as Sh felt that it wasn’t the county’s business whether or not she had a dog.

Sa and I have become best friends. We can count completely on the other - this is a friendship unlike any other I’ve really ever had (I've only ever had one other friendship this close). I tend to basically make fair-weather friends. With the exception of a couple of them, I've really been growing away from my college-friends. Moving to the Springs and 80 miles from them completed the process which has been going on for several years now. It's sad, but I'm thinking it's also life. (I have a hard time making friends…moving south really forced me to make new friends and it has been a good experience for me.) Two of my college friends got married in September. Struck me as an indication that time is passing.

School has been going really well this year. I care much more about my Master’s degree than I did my Bachelor’s and it shows in my schoolwork. Even when Buddy died and I lost the ability to concentrate and started having panic attacks, I was able to work with my professor and passed that class with an A.

My pets. Last New Year’s Eve, I had two cats: Buddy and Wizard and six fish: the danios and three of the platies. In the past year, I lost Buddy, got Boo and Spook and my fish population more or less exploded (I only added the algae eaters.) as the fish tank became self populating. Buddy’s death was probably the biggest event of the year. I wrote about here. I moved out of my parents’ home and began living on my own 4.75 years ago. Buddy really was the last link to living at home. (I still have furniture from there, but no emotional attachment to it.) My parents knew Buddy in ways they don’t know my current pets, never having lived with them. I even now live far enough away that it is really a day trip to come visit, rather than a simple drive through town.

I’ve been a crocheter for some time, but picked up knitting again this past October. This is one of the best things to happen to me this year. I discovered Knitters With Altitude, a Saturday morning knit group. They all have twisted senses of humor, just like me and give me a wonderful outlet to de-stress from school, housework, homework and life.

And that was 2005 - and it flew by!

Best wishes to all in 2006 - may it bring only the best to you and your loved ones.
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