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Lost and Wandering
New fish digs 
30th-Dec-2005 05:26 pm
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Well, the fish have their new home now. And I wish I had a spigot on that floor. Carrying several bucketfuls of water between floors is tiring.

One of the danios and both otos were impossible to catch. It took me twenty minutes to catch all 14 fish. To put them into the new tank, I just poured them in with their water.

The light is much bluer than my previous light, but here are the new fish digs:

Here is a picture of all of my fish in the cake saver cover that I used to hold the fish while setting up the new tank and emptying out the old. I've labeled the youngest fish. The next smallest pair of red fish are about just under an inch long each. Rule of thumb: 1 inch of fish per gallon. So I've probably already outgrown my brand new tank.

The red guys are the platies - the largest one (near the top of the picture) is Mama platy. The two grey fish near the top of the picture are the otos (algae eaters) and the three grey fish near the middle/bottom are the danios.

I solved the potential sushi issue by locking up the cats while setting up the new tank. (Also, with all the stuff going up/down stairs, I protected myself from a fall. It was easier to catch them and just put them in different rooms, so Spook ended up in the bathroom and, in protest, ended up drowning a teddy bear that was in there. I'm not sure if I can throw the bear in the dryer, so I hope it dries okay.
31st-Dec-2005 03:05 am (UTC)
Someday in the distant future, when I live somewhere with more space, I'd love a fish tank. It would provide the cats with hours and hours of entertainment. (The watching, not eating kind!)

My cat Puck likes to drown things too. He drowned a catnip eggroll I knit for him once and I was so mad!
31st-Dec-2005 03:05 am (UTC)
By the way...this is jescat. My computer has been automatically logging me into my other lj lately.
31st-Dec-2005 04:59 am (UTC)
Hi! Jescat is more familiar than antiquehighheel (and much easier to type), but I think I've run across you as antiquehighheel before...that name is also familiar.
31st-Dec-2005 04:58 am (UTC)
I got my fish tank last November, so I've had it more than a year now. Previously my interest in fish lasted a few weeks, but with a larger tank, I find myself sitting and staring at the tank. It's kind of meditative.

I'm not sure the bear will ever be the same. Bad Spook! The cats mainly watch the fish tank. Boo is really the main one who attempts to catch the fish. The time she caught a fish, she just watched it flop around the carpet until I got it from her. (Buddy also tried going after the fish tank, but wasn't as successful as Boo.)
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