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This is taking it easy?

Boo's naturally a hyper kitty (she's 5 months old, it's understandable). She was spayed and microchipped yesterday. They took the IV out of her when I went to pick her up, so I brought her home with orders to remove the bandage on her front leg in an hour, limit her food/water and to limit running, jumping and access to stairs.

Within 15 minutes of being home (~4:00pm), she removed the bandage. Within an an hour she ate her food and Spook and Wizo's food. By the time I went to bed at 11:00pm, she had climbed my Christmas tree and jumped out from fairly high places twice, initiated multiple play fights with both Spook and Wizard and chased them around and around the house (up and down the stairs, over the furniture, on the counters). I even forgot to give her her pain meds, as she was acting fine.

I checked her sutures this morning and they seem fine and I gave her the meds. And she is even more hyper this morning. The cats are currently rough-housing near the TV. Make that behind the TV, as they just knocked the switched on the surge protector - everything just turned off.

I on the other hand am taking it easy. I have to do a slight rework of the sweater for George (I stuffed him a bit more than I think the pattern thought I would, so I'm remaking the sweater with a larger needle. At least it is a miniature sweater!

Major task for today - setting up the new fish tank. Begs the question of what to put the fish in while I set up the new tank that won't turn in to an all you can eat sushi bar. Though it might not hurt me to lose some. The most recent small fry have another two siblings. The small fry that turned up around Thanksgiving are just under an inch long at this point. The small fry I found two days ago are just under a half in long at this point.

I'd give the mama platy to Sa, except her tank holds goldfish, and a 5 inch one at that. (Mama platy is two inches long.) And something seems to the be wrong in the tank. Either the Red Monster (the 5 inch guy) is attacking the others (which is my theory) or something is wrong with her water quality. Sa is losing fish at the same rate I'm gaining them. We were joking about fish reincarnation the other day. (Especially since she'll mention to me one night after work that she's lost another, and I'll find fry the following day.)
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