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Knitting update

I made a couple items for Christmas gifts. These bears were started in late October, but I did their scarves and assembled them on 23 December 2005. I'm happy with how they came out, but I'm moving on to more complicated things now. I'm still working on the Irish Hiking scarf variation. The only chances I really get to knit it are at knit group on Saturdays which I get to about two or three times a month, so it's only about 15 inches long at this apoint. I've also starting making a bear from Sandra Polley's The Knitted Teddy Bear. The pattern is "Annie & George". I'm making the bear in red with yellow paw pads. The pattern calls for a sweater, but I'm not really sure what color to make the sweater since the red and yellow are so striking on their own. I've finished all the knitting for the bear itself and have stuffed the body, arms and legs. I still need to sew the legs shut, embroider a face and attach the limbs and ears. It's looking pretty nice, I think.

My mom's bear:

Mom's Christmas Bear

And my dad's:

Dad's Christmas Bear

The progress on the scarf:

Irish Hiking Scarf variation

And George:

George - in progress
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