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Merry Christmas

My family celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve, as my niece will be with her mother today.

It was an enjoyable day. L, my niece, is 21 months old and didn't quite get the concept of unwrapping gifts. She grabbed the bows off the boxes when she was asked to and took small handfuls of paper off when prompted, but wasn't really interested in the process. The prettily wrapped packages held no appeal, so we ended up helping her unwrap them. Once the packages were unwrapped and she could see the loot, she got really impatient for someone to open the boxes and get the stuff out. She got quite frustrated with my dad taking so long to get some stuff out for her. She got a baby doll with lots of accessories from my folks, some clothes from my folks (and more from me), a dial and discover phone from me and a toy microwave, also from me. She also got a puppy toy that is a giant key ring. (She steals everyone's keys...) She likes phones and once she got the telephone was completely uninterested in the rest of her presents.

Fred sent my parents one wish list and sent me a different wish list. His list to the parents had two items: wallet and long undershirts. His list to me had two items: Eragon and MacGyver season 4. So I got Fred MacGyver season 4 and my dad did, too. I didn't have season 4, so I kept the one I gave Fred and he'll tell me what to get him instead (which he'll get for the New Year).

I gave my parents each tiny little knit bears with gift certificates to WalMart. My dad also got a bag of chocolate stars from me and my mom got a can of Hawai'ian Hazelnut coffee from me. My brother gave my parents a gift card to WalMart as well, but he gave it as a joint gift. My mother immediately claimed it. Apparently she also claimed my dad's Christmas gift from work (a gift card to Target). My parents have everything, so with the gift cards they can get what they need.

I made out pretty well. I got the Wild Hunters LEGO set from Fred, a stock/pasta/steamer pot and veggie peeler from my mother (the veggie peeler is because she broke one of mine by accident at Thanksgiving and didn't like the I'm back up to three veggie peelers (and my mom wonders why I have so much kitchen stuff)), and Star Wars Episode III and MacGyver season 3 from my dad. I also got homemade beef jerky from my dad, a zoo membership from Mom and Dad and a check from my grandmother. My best friend got me a 20Gal fish tank.
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