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What a busy month

I finally made it to knit group after a few weeks of not going. December has been hectic! It started off with a ice/snow storm on Game Night. I was babysitting the night before and waiting for Sa to come get her boys when my mom called and said, "Don't come, we'll move Game Night to next week." I agreed and spent the day with Sa. We had breakfast out and ran some errands. She was bringing me home when the weather worsened and we began to hear sirens galore. She also began to freak out at the condition of the road (she lives 30 miles from me), and she and the boys crashed at my place for the night. The sirens galore turned out to be a 20-car pileup at the highway exit right near my house.

I took my class midterm that weekend and got the only 100%. I was quite happy about that. I feel pretty good about this class so far. I've actually been keeping up with class this session. The worrisome part is the group project.

Work's been really hectic, but calmed down considerably yesterday and will be quiet this coming week. I've taken vacation for the 22nd and then work shuts down until 3 January.

Game night was fun. The boys won 2 games of pinochle and the girls won 1. My mom and I managed to get a hand in the second game where she had a double run and I had double aces around. Dad and F were so jealous. (And upset that they didn't get it.) In my family, there is an often frustrating game (for F and Dad) dynamic in pinochle. We play pairs: my brother and dad against my mom and me. F and Dad are both very strategic players and very good with odds. They bid that way and have a bidding system where they communicate quite well. The two of them are really good players. My mother and I both understand the strategy of pinochle at a higher level. (If I wanted to I could learn it in greater detail, but that would affect how I play with my mom.) So we are very instinctive players and tend to use luck more than strategy. Here's where the frustration comes in: it seems that strategy over time should trump luck. And to me, it feels like it does most of the time. However, luck comes through, and spectacularly so for Mom and me, A LOT. This year the boys and girls have each won exactly 50% of the games. Apparently, though, that luck only holds when Mom and I play together as a team. When were playing 3-player, Dad won 45% of those games (F was not available at the time.)

It's been a cold December, and unlike most Colorado snow, the stuff this month hasn't had a chance to melt. It was snowing again today. I took my final for class. Don't know how I did yet.

I also made knit group! Had a blast and worked some more on my Sorta-Irish Hiking Scarf. Knit group is almost the only chance I get to knit, so I'm always happy when I get a chance to go.

Off to clean the house before the holidays!
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