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Small fry has a sibling. This makes 7 platies in the tank, and a total of 5 that I didn't buy and a dead count of 1 of 8 ( dead count is 4, the other three were otos). Tank is up to 12 fish now, tied for the most that have ever been in it.

I seem to have a yarn needle gnome. I went to finish off my dishcloth yesterday and could only find one needle (one I dislike, of course). I don't know what happened to the other six, just that they've been slowly disappearing over the past couple months.

Slowly getting up the tree. Have the top section up with lights. Now for the billions of branches. I think I'm skipping the village this year. I like to put people/animals in it and that's just way too much temptation with the kittens. It'll be interesting enough with just the tree this year.

So not ready for the workday today.
Tags: fish, holidays, knitting

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