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Finally, a chance to do some hobbies

I finally got back to knit group for the first time in about a month. Felicia did a Cable Instruction Day. Our choices were to do a cable swatch, where we would learn front and back cables, or to start the Irish Hiking Scarf from Hello Yarn. Me, being me, managed to combine both options and am making a scarf with three cables, but have made the outside cables alternate between front and back, thereby forming a snake. I think that it looks okay. Hello Yarn also has another cute cabled scarf, the Besotted Scarf. I may try that one later.

My variation on the Irish Hiking Scarf by Hello Yarn My variation on the Irish Hiking Scarf by Hello Yarn

Measures 4.5 inches across. I have a tendency to loose track of which row I'm on, so a couple of the cables have gotten squished.

Needles: Size 8
Yarn: Lionbrand Wool-Ease in Green 175

Felicia also did door prizes at knit group. I got this book: Sensational Knitted Socks. It looks really cool and has lots of information in it. Going to have to attempt a sock here, soon. Though won't really have a chance until after the holidays (which are coming up really fast).

I've also completed another crochet dishcloth. I definitely seem to be on a crochet kick lately.

I'm all caught up on my homework, so I can relax tonight before going back to work tomorrow.
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