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Ahh, silence.

Saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra last night at World Arena. It was a sold out show and fantastic as always. I love their lights. The only parts of the TSO concerts I don’t like are how they quite often strain their sound system creating feedback and also one of the singers (the short one, Jill Gioia?) tends to scream instead of sing during the first song she does. She sings really well when she doesn’t scream. Also, the girl behind me kept making eye-piercing whistles. I don’t deal well with whistles and when she saw that it startled me, decided to keep doing it and laughing with her friends.

Got out of there at 10:20 last night and didn’t manage to leave the World Arena till a quarter to 11, and that meant I got home shortly after 11. I still had to finish cleaning the kitchen and dining room. Got to bed 2ish and had to wake up at 8 to get the turkey in the oven.

I managed to host a pretty good Thanksgiving. We decided to do a potluck. My mom brought her stuff and helped me greatly getting everything else done. I had completely spaced the boiling of the neck and gizzards for the gravy. Sa and Sh are not gravy people and when they do gravy it comes from a jar. The were more than a little weirded out by putting the gizzards in the gravy. Sh tried it and didn’t like it and Sa was afraid to try it. I liked it at least. The house is quiet after everyone has gone home and the cats are out from hiding.

I get to do another Thanksgiving tomorrow, this time hosted by my mother so that my niece can be there. We’re going to make it an extra game night. Saturday is knit group. I may be able to bring Sa. Sh is never willing to baby-sit the boys especially if that means Sa and I do something without her, but Sh is not into knitting and I think Sa would benefit from a day away from the boys and also the cables instruction lesson.

After all the excitement and cleaning this week, I’m wiped so I think I’m meeting my bed early tonight.
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