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Another small fry

One of my chores that I had been procrastinating on was cleaning the fish tank. I changed out the ornaments on the tank (the old ones had so much algae that I want to rinse them at the least, and I was ready for a change). Also, while the ornaments were removed, I was able to count the fish I have. Due to the massive buildup of algae, I was suspecting that my otos were dead (they are fairly fragile fish and they HIDE 24/7). However there were two of them. So one of them did die. I did the fish count yesterday and counted 5 platies. I had six at one point, but when Boo got a fish out the tank a month ago, it was a platy. So that was right. And I STILL have all three danios that I bought over a year ago to establish my tank with. Today as I was putting the new stuff in, I discovered that I have another platy. This will be the third or fourth batch of fry that Mama Platy has dropped. (I have only ever bought 3 platies. And I've flushed 2.) Mama Platy really needs a talk on the birds and the bees. Though thankfully, only one or two fish have ever survived from her fry batches at a time. My tank really can't sustain who I've got in it, so I don't take any steps to protect the fry.

Redecorated aquarium
Redecorated aquarium

Slightly cloudy due to kicking up all of the gravel. Also, tank photographs bad between the tank lights and no flash used.

Now, just to convince the cats I don't need their help cleaning the tank. They made the job ten times harder than it should have been.
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